Odds Against Tomorrow Exhibition between Oct 20 - 17 Nov

End of the world exhibition.

In November 2010 the forty-eight artists and artist collectives from UKYA01 were approached with a proposition and invited to take part in a project conceived to create a ‘conversation’ open to all content but structured by specific limitations.

The aim was to create a space where continuing interaction between the artists from UKYA01 could manifest itself resulting in an ‘exhibition catalogue’ that facilitated an ongoing collaborative process rather than just representing a past event..
Mint Magazine

June 2011
I will be exhibiting in NordArt 2011.

Feb 2011
I am the artist in residence at Exchange Studios in Harold Hill.

Jan 2011
Cuts and Grazes, Manchester

December 2010
The Bunker @ The Print House Gallery

October 2010
Part of the series for So I am just supposed to accept it am I? at Deda for the UK Young Artist 01 in Derby.

July 2010
ZooArt in Italy for a group show.

April 2010
Islington, London for a group show.

January 2010

Brixton, London, in an artist led space. I will be showing my paintings in the Brixton Village Gallery. They are the culmination of my project based on the individual in the city and what impact objective culture has on the individual.
I am using a space in the market that has been empty for a while. Spacemakers are an agency that ask for us to rething unused buildings etc., this is what they say:
"Space Makers Agency is about rethinking the spaces in which we spend our time.
We work with all kinds of people and organisations to create sociable spaces and sustainable local economies.
We research the changing ways in which people are using space and develop new ways of thinking about the spaces in which we live, work and play."

The City
Come and see me on 16 Jan from midday
facebook page:-

The Brixton Village Gallery
76, 5th Avenue, Brixton Village,
Atlantic Road
London SW9 8PS